What do people mention in their Tinder profiles?

September 8, 2016

An analysis of 10,000 US Tinder Profiles


Let me guess - you like to travel, listen to music, and have a dog. And you work somewhere?

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Describing Physical Appearance

Guys rarely mention their physical appearance (except height); women like to mention their tattoos.

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Describing Personality

Potential clichés: Identifying as a nerd, spontaneous, adventurous, sarcastic, or awkward.

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About This Analysis

This analysis was generated using data from the profiles of 10,000 Tinder users across 22 US cities and towns. The median age of male users was 26, the median age of female users was 23.

How was this made?

This was created using the Charles web proxy application, tinderjs npm module, and Mongo. Graphics were made in InDesign.