Katie Hempenius

Software Engineer @ San Francisco, CA
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Recent Projects & Presentations:

Improving Page Performance in Modern Web Apps

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The network, browser, and hardware all constrain page performance in modern web applications. This talk looks at why these constraints exist, how they can be identified, and how to mitigate them in order to improve performance. (Presented at SFHTML5)

How much does it cost to rent a room in San Francisco?

An analysis of 15,000 Craiglist postings.
> Data Analysis & Article

A Map of San Francisco, According to 30,000 Yelp Listings

How would Yelp data characterize the different neighbhorhoods of San Francisco?
> Data Analysis & Article

What do people mention in their Tinder profiles?

An analysis of 10,000 Tinder profiles.
> Data Analysis & Article

Setting Sail With Docker

An introduction to Docker concepts and usage. (Presented at Connect 2016)
> Slides

A more cost-effective unattended ground sensor using commercial off-the-shelf products

> Paper (IEEE)